RA Ministry of Diaspora

“Diaspora” Summer School Program participants visit Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex and Yerablour Military Pantheon

Diaspora Armenians visiting Armenia through the “Diaspora”

Training Course for Journalists held as part of “Diaspora” Summer School Program

On July 4, the first lecture for

Accelerated Armenian Language Course for Russian-speaking participants of the “Diaspora” Summer School Program

July 4th marked the first lesson of

Consultation held at RA Ministry of Diaspora

On July 8, RA Minister of Diaspora

Young Leaders and Community Activists Course of “Diaspora” Summer School Program

On July 3, the Large Hall of

2nd stage of “Ari Tun” Program is over

On July 7, the “Ari Tun” Camp

“4 Generations: The Spirit of Determination” exhibition-sale held at Museum of History of Yerevan

On July 7, at the initiative of

Results of competition “For Notable Contribution to Preservation of the Armenian Identity” summed up during solemn ceremony

On July 7, the results of the

Diaspora Armenian teachers undergoing training through “Diaspora” Summer School Program

On July 4, the participants of the

2017 “Diaspora” Summer School Program: Second day of preschool and elementary school teachers

Educating Armenian children and helping them become

First training course for teachers of secondary and high schools-2017 “Diaspora” Summer School Program

On July 4, the secondary and high

Archie Galents visits RA Ministry of Diaspora

On July 7, RA Minister of Diaspora

Participants of “Ari Tun” Program and “Diaspora” Summer School Program participate in traditional march

The major event during the celebration of

Armenian music interpreted by Lebanese musicians

On July 6, the Arno Babajanyan Concert
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