They’re talking about the “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival…

Twelve-year old Karen Grigoryan is a member

The “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival serves as a great lesson of patriotism

Armenian children from the Diaspora continue to

“My Armenia”: “We are performing in Armenia for the first time ever”-Melanya and Cassandra Poghosyan

Melanya and Cassandra Poghosyan have traveled from

With longing…

Participants of the 2nd stage of the

Another stage of the “Ari Tun” Program is over

Another stage of the “Ari Tun” Program

Arpine Amiryan: “Armenian dance is a great force”

“Hayern Aysor”’s correspondent sat down for an

Union of Writers of Armenia celebrated its 80th anniversary

A ceremony dedicated to the 80th anniversary

Oshakan preparing to host participants of “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival

Beautiful nature, the hospitality of the residents

Master classes as the festival phenomenon

The “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival serves as

Galya and Alina Kobelyan: “Armenia has inspired us to compose …”

Galya and Alina Kobelyan have traveled from

The “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival is the guarantee for our unity

The already traditional “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival

Participants of “Ari Tun” Program share their stories

Elsida Marabyan, 16, Akhalkalak, Georgia: Seeing Armenia

“Ari Tun”-2014: Words of gratitude for the “Ari Tun” Program

One of the major stops for the

“Ari Tun”: Harout and Avedis Eordegian: “We miss Syria a lot”

Twins Harout and Avedis Eordegian moved from
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