Minister’s Diary

RA Minister of Diaspora gives year-end press conference

On December 25, RA Minister of Diaspora

Hranush Hakobyan: “Only through cooperation will we be able to turn the year 2016 into a year of Armenia and the Armenians”

Hayern Aysor presents the New Year’s congratulatory

Hranush Hakobyan: “I am happy that the Center is named after the great Alexander Mantashyan”

Hayern Aysor presents RA Minister of Diaspora

RA Minister of Diaspora sends video message on the occasion of ARF-D Australia’s 125th anniversary

Hayern Aysor presents the video message of

Vision for the Future

Dear reader, compatriot,

Hranush Hakobyan: “Western Armenian is our national asset, and protecting it is one of the key objectives of the Armenian State”

On November 18, Yerevan State University launched

Hranush Hakobyan: “The future of Armenia and the Armenian people is in your hands, Armenian students!”

I congratulate all Armenian students in Armenia

“The Armenians of the Diaspora have shown their will as a nation and their solidarity in the past 1-2 years”

RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan gave

Hranush Hakobyan “In Front of the Mirror”

On November 7, RA Minister of Diaspora

Hranush Hakobyan on draft of constitutional reforms (video) has posted a video in which

Al-Mayadeen presents the RA Minister of Diaspora and the environment of the Syrian-Armenians at the Vernisazh (video)

Hayern Aysor presents the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen TV

7 questions for the RA Ministry of Diaspora, 7 years after the creation of the ministry

The Ministry of Diaspora is marking its

Hranush Hakobyan: “This year proved that if we want, we can accomplish many things”

The most powerful and most impressive events

2500 Syrian Armenians arrive in Armenia since May due to escalation of situation in Syria (video)

As a result of recent escalation of
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