Syrian immigrant founds successful business. video

Paykar Keshishyan, emigrated from Syria, has chosen

Repatriate Karen Papyan plans to set up his own business in IT field

After living in Russia for 25 years

Repatriate opera singer Kevork Hadjian gives solo concert

On June 29, Lebanese-Armenian repatriate opera singer

Repat Artashes Margaryan has established Code-Bridge company in motherland

With so many Armenians and non-Armenians coming

Boghos Yeghiazar: “My victory helped me eventually settle in Armenia”

To this day, people remember Istanbul-Armenian repatriate

Young Syrian-Armenian repatriate: ‘We will never leave Armenia”

Photos remind us of the unforgettable moments

A repatriating family that serves as a beautiful and inspiring example

On March 22, RA Minister of Diaspora

Syrian-Armenian repatriate doctor: “We can’t imagine our lives outside of Armenia anymore”

Alongside emigration, the wave of repatriation is

Larisa Hovhannisyan: “I always knew that I had to return someday”

On March 7, RA Minister of Diaspora

Tigran Paskevichyan: “We have tried to restore history through films”

Hayern Aysor’s correspondent sat down for an

Iraqi-Armenian repatriate Sosi Avakian-Bedrossian: “May many Armenians feel the joy of living in the homeland and enjoy it!”

Throughout the past decade, many Diaspora Armenians

Arshalouys Amsih: “Even though I am from Lebanon, it seems as though I was born in Nerkin Karmiraghbyur”

One of the best ways of promoting

Family of repatriates feels happy in Armenia

Jaquelin Babakhani was born in Tehran. She attended

Thomas Mazejian: “I became hopeful about the future after repatriating”

Lebanese-Armenian repatriate Thomas Mazejian’s second visit to
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