The 8th Pan-Armenian Forum of Journalists (October20-24 )

Coordinating Body for Pan-Armenian Forums of Journalists holds first session of the year at RA Ministry of Diaspora

On February 10, the Coordinating Body for

Shahan Kandaharian: “Supporting Artsakh is an informed step that every Armenian needs to take”

On 20-24 October, Yerevan and Stepanakert hosted

Vahakn Karakashian: “Our presence in Artsakh was binding”

The October 20-24 Pan-Armenian Forum of Journalists,

Aharon Shekherdemian: “I will be leaving for Lebanon with a feeling of remorse”

One of het participants of the 8th

Motive behind creation of Gibrahayer website was the establishment of a new village in Artsakh

The motive behind the creation of the

Anna Givargizyan: “I not only dreamed, but also had the idea of starting a magazine”

Hayern Aysor’s correspondent sat down for an

Rouben Janbazian: “Over the past 25 years, Artsakh has become the focal point of all Armenians around the world”

Correspondent for the Armenian Weekly and editor

Aspram Tsarukyan: “From my perspective, a real journalist or editor has to have encyclopedic knowledge”

The Pan-Armenian Forum of Journalists, which was

Juliet Martirosyan: “The creation of a periodical is like a birth, and it is our duty to keep and maintain every new periodical”

The 8th Pan-Armenian Forum of Journalists was

Aharon Shkhrdmian: “We Armenians need to be unified”

On October 26, RA Minister of Diaspora

Maria Kaprielian: “A journalist needs to be honest and work with remorse”

The title of the 8th Pan-Armenian Forum

Hampig Mardirossian: “The Diaspora can’t exist without the Homeland”

October 20th marked the launch of the

Hagop Balian: “A journalist needs to be multilaterally developed, impartial, honest and brave to tell the truth”

From October 20 to 25, representatives of

Artyom Chernamoryan: “Such forums serve as the best platform for raising the issues related to the Armenian community of Israel”

Editor-in-Chief of Israelahayer Armenian newspaper, founding president
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