Ari Tun

Iraqi-Armenian participants of “Ari Tun” Program feel fully Armenian in Armenia

Most of the participants of the transitional

First transitional stage of “Ari Tun” Program is over

On July 13, Yeghishe Charents Armenian School

Young Iraqi-Armenian: “I would never imagine winning the Minister of Diaspora at chess”

On July 11, Minister of Diaspora Mkhitar

Host family: “Our doors are always open for young Diaspora Armenians”

Lilit Arakelyan, resident of the Nor Nork

Diaspora Minister played chess with participants of transitional stage of “Ari Tun” program

On July 11, Minister of Diaspora Mkhitar and its partnering restaurants supporting the Ministry of Diaspora

During a recent live broadcast, Minister of

2nd stage of “Ari Tun” educational-cognitive program kicks off

On July 9, the Ministry of Diaspora

Young Diaspora Armenians have gathered in Armenia once again

The transitional stage of the “Ari Tun”

Young Cypriot-Armenian: “I am proud to have Armenian roots”

During the July 2 ceremony marking the

“I felt like my mother was hugging me”-Young Diaspora Armenians are in Armenia through “Ari Tun” (Come Home) Program

On July 2, the Ministry of Diaspora

Consultation held as part of educational-cognitive program at Ministry of Diaspora

On June 29, within the scope of

Diaspora Minister says “Ari Tun” (Come Home) Program is set to kick off on 9 or 10 August

The date of the launch of the

“Ari Tun”-a trip to the homeland

From the outset of the 2017-18 School

Shogher Simonyan: “Young Bulgarian-Armenians really loved Armenia”

In late April, young Armenians of the
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