Social assistance to Syrian-Armenian families continues

By the assignment of Mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan, social assistance to socially disadvantaged Syrian-Armenian families in Yerevan continues.

Based on the brief data provided in the first semester of the year, nearly 850 Syrian-Armenian families have received support, of which only 352 in the past month alone. Syrian-Armenians receive support to solve their social issues and problems with education and provided with legal consulting. As a result, it has become easier for them to fully integrate into the country’s social and cultural life.

Medical institutions under Yerevan Municipality subordination provide free medical assistance and services to socially disadvantaged Syrian-Armenian families. The families in need can also visit the Soup Kitchens.

The municipality donates carriages, children’s accessories and other necessary items to Syrian-Armenian families with newborns.

Head of the Department for Social Security at Yerevan Municipality Ruzanna Zakaryan informed that the municipality pays special attention to Syrian-Armenians’ employment issue. The staffs in the districts have already helped 13 Syrian-Armenians find jobs. Mentioning that the problems facing the Syrian-Armenians are always in Mayor Taron Margaryan’s focus, the head of the Department for Social Security noted that the Department is registering Syrian-Armenian families for safety assessment and allocates family benefits to the Syrian-Armenian families with adequate points.

The municipality will continue the support programs for Syrian-Armenian families in need and is currently discussing the opportunities of carrying out joint programs with non-governmental organizations, reports the Department of Information and Public Relations at Yerevan Municipality.

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