The Days of Choral Arts in scope of ″My Armenia″ Pan-Armenian Festival opened to a standing ovation

On August 1, the solemn opening of the Days of Choral Arts in scope of the 2nd″My Armenia″ Pan-Armenian Festival dedicated to the 85th birth anniversary of People’s Artist of RA and USSR, Merited Master of the Arts of RA, conductor HovhannesChekijian,was held at Aram Khachatryan Concert Hall.

The 85-year old ″LusavorichDprats Das″ choir from Istanbul opened the event. ″MakarYekmalyan″, ″NersesShnorhali″, ″Aghbyur″ choirs from Georgia; ″Zvartnots″ and ″Ararat″ choirs from Iran; ″Komitas″ choir from the USA, ″Artsakh″ choir from Egypt; ″Ovsanna″ choir from Syria; ″Ovsanna″, ″Norahrash″ and″St. GrigorLusavorich″ choirs from the RF, andArtsakh State choir performed on the stage.

2014 has been announced as the ChekijianYear, in scope of which the RA Ministry of Diaspora also has beeninvolved in organization of events in Armenia and Diaspora.

Following the performance of the choirs arrived from Diaspora, the audience had an opportunity to watch a film about HovhannesChekijian’s life and activity, after which the Armenian State Academic Choir led by the Maestro performed.

At the end of the event, the choirs that have arrived from various countries of the world and the Armenian State Academic Choir conducted by Maestro HovhannesChekijian performed the ″We are and we will be₺song (words by LevonBlbulyan and music by AraGevorgyan) dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

The RA Minister of Diaspora HranushHakobyan addressed her congratulation and welcome speechto the audience, stating: “Combiningthese fabulous choirs of the Armenians around the world withthe chapel, Chekijian made a cultural outburst, which should be spread through the entire Diaspora and stay in heart of each Armenian for many years₺.

The RA Minister of Diaspora expressed her admiration for HovhannesChekijian’sinexhaustible drive and talent. ″The Maestro is like a 25-year old young manfull of vigor, surprising and admiring by his devotion and infinite creative enthusiasm, and standing next to the young man and phenomenon Chekijian I always see the phenomenal chapel led by him″- stated the Minister H. Hakobyan.

“Today our compatriots from Iran performed a song about the Aparanlover; the young people arrived from Artsakh performed ‘the lover’of Komitas;  the members of “Komitas” choir arrived from the USA, also without recalling age, performed one of Komitas masterpieces” – stressed the RA Minister of Diaspora and added: – “and they all make an effort to preserve their Armenian identity through the Armenian  art of singing, and, therefore, we are grateful to all the participants₺.

Congratulating Maestro Chekijian, the RA Minister of Diaspora also mentioned: ″You are doing Godly deeds. You and your magic stick, being throughout the entire world and presenting our songs, have also presented KomitasVardapet.

Presenting a parchment with Bible image and pink roses to the devoted artist Maestro HovhannesChekijian, the RA Minister of Diaspora mentioned that she is proud of being his contemporary.

The solemn opening of the Days of Choral Arts ended to the roaring applause of the packed auditorium.

General sponsor of ″My Armenia″ Pan-Armenian Festival is ″Orange Armenia″ Company; sponsor of the Festival is ″Tashir Group″ Company; Informational support is provided by ″Public Television of Armenia″, ″Shant″, ″Yerkir Media″ TV companies and the Public Radio of Armenia.

The choirs will perform concerts on the stages in Yerevan, Shirak and Lori Marzes.

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