Day 9: Kotayk province also hosted the participants of the “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival

The “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival organized by the RA Ministry of Diaspora “soared” in the air of Kotayk province, filling the city of the province with the joy and laughter of the young participants, as well as with warm and sincere human contacts. After their performances, the participants didn’t feel tired at all. They joked and laughed during their trip to Kotayk province, and even created a song about the “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival.

The first stop was the St. Hovhannes Church in Abovyan. Words can’t describe how spiritual they felt as they entered the church. They all found their places in the church and seemed to be alone with their thoughts and prayers. There was silence in the church. Perhaps one of the reasons was the touching voice of Lusine Zakaryan singing spiritual songs. With peace of mind, they headed toward the Culture Chamber of Abovyan where they were going to witness performances by Moscow’s Hayasa, St. Petersburg’s Noyan, Akhalkalak’s Vachyan and Maikop’s Nairi Dance Ensembles. As soon as the concert began, the hosts transmitted the welcoming remarks of Mayor of Abovyan Karapet Guloyan to the participants of the festival. In his remarks, the mayor said: “Dear participants of the festival, you represent Armenia as the bearers of Armenian culture in all capitals around the world. Your mission to preserve Armenian culture and make the nation recognized is invaluable. I’m certain that with your attitude toward the arts and your aspiration to preserve the national identity you contribute to the enrichment of cultural diversity in any country. Abovyan city is known for its special attitude toward the Diaspora Armenians and is happy to host you. Please, continue your mission to preserve and disseminate Armenian culture!”

The city’s talented singers also greeted the dance ensembles with their beautiful performances. Among the people in the audience was Head of the Department of Culture and Sport of Kotayk regional council Ara Simonyan. The concert was held in a nice atmosphere. In the end, the citizens approached the dancers, expressed their greetings and satisfaction and took photos with them. The Municipality of Abovyan had a surprise in store for the dancers, letting them ride the carousels in the park for free.

This was the best way for the dancers to take a load off after the performances. After enjoying the surprise, they headed toward Yerevan. The next big event for the young dancers is the solemn closing ceremony of the Days of Armenian Dance Program of the “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival organized by the RA Ministry of Diaspora.

After all this, they’ll return to their countries with great memories and experiences from Armenia and will continue to work with the strength that they received from Armenia in order to visit Armenia again and participate in the next “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival…

Gevorg Chichyan



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