April 24th events in Jordan

On the morning of Apr. 24, the Union of Writers of Jordan held a silent protest in front of the Turkish Embassy on the occasion of the 99th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

Among the participants were members of the local Armenian community, as well as Arab and Jordanian writers and intellectuals. This was the second protest in Amman following the first one that sparked great reaction in Jordan last year. Jordan’s mass media outlets provided coverage of the protest, addressing the Armenian Genocide and the events ahead of the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide.

It should be mentioned that most Jordanians who know the Armenians highly support the cause and are willing to participate in the upcoming events. Of course, this is first and foremost the result of the efforts made by the Armenian community of Jordan.

In the evening, the Armenian community held an Armenian Genocide Commemoration ceremony, which was organized at the initiative of the National Local Council of Amman and by Armenian organizations and was sponsored by Patriarchal Vicar and spiritual leader of the Armenians of Jordan, Father, Archbishop Vahan Topalian.

The Requiem Mass performed at the St. Tadevos Church was followed by a candle-lighting ceremony in front of the monument to the victims of the Armenian Genocide and an Armenian Genocide Commemoration event held at the hall of Homenetmen Club.

The members of the Union of Writers of Jordan, being good friends of the Armenians, and organized an Armenian Genocide Commemoration event with supporters of the Armenian Cause at the Union of Writers of Jordan on Apr. 26. The evening was devoted to the Armenian Genocide and included musical performances, songs and speeches. The event ended with the screening of a film devoted to the Armenian Genocide.

Anna Shukrian


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