Youth protest Turkey’s crime in Kessab

On the morning of Apr. 15, Armenian youth of Iran held a protest in front of the office of Turkish Airlines on the Motahari central avenue in Isfahan in protest of Turkey’s support to the attacks on the Armenian-populated Kessab city of the Latakia region and in defense of the Syrian-Armenians. The protest was organized by “Ruben” Youth Union and was held at the initiative of the Diocesan Council of the Armenian Diocese of Isfahan.

During the nearly one-hour protest, the protests condemned the attack and held signs stating that they join the demanding Armenians around the world. Later, spiritual leader of the Armenian community of Shahinshahr, Archimandrite Anania Gujanian touched upon the recent events in Kessab and attached importance to the fact that Armenians rise like the phoenix and have always remained standing thanks to such youth. His Holiness added that all Armenians won’t keep silent and will stand up for the Armenians of Kessab to support them. His Holiness ended by demanding that the Turks kneel before the Armenians and apologize for the events.

His Holiness’s speech was followed by the reading of the Resolution in which the youth condemned Turkey’s attack on Syria, particularly Kessab. The youth demanded that the UN and international human rights organizations prevent Turkey’s support to extremist terrorist groups, and asked the Iranian government to use all its diplomatic channels for the peaceful coexistence of Muslims and Christians in the region.

In the end, the participants headed toward the Monastery where they laid flowers near the Armenian Genocide Memorial. Among those attending the event were members of the Armenian National Committee, Priest Vardan Aghababayan, members of “Ruben” Youth Union and the Student Organization of “Ararat” Armenian Association of New Julfa, as well as high school students and members of the local Armenian community.

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