Two Armenian families of Kessab in Armenia might be joined by several other families today

Two Armenian families of Kessab have settled in Armenia due to the events taking place in Kessab. Their issues are in the focus of the Center for Coordination of Syrian-Armenians’ Issues NGO. Several other Armenian families might join them today.

This is what Chief of Staff of the RA Ministry of Diaspora Firdus Zakaryan mentioned in an interview with “ArmenPress”. “The RA Ministry of Diaspora continues to work with the Syrian-Armenians and takes into consideration their thoughts and needs. We’re also ready to work with our compatriots from Kessab. Several Armenian families of Kessab might be arriving in Armenia via the Beirut-Yerevan flight today.

We’ll go to the airport and suggest helping them,” said Firdus Zakaryan.

As for the two Armenian families that have already settled in Armenia, lawyer for the Center for Coordination of Syrian-Armenians’ Issues NGO Naira Yedigaryan says the representatives have already met with the families and have tried to solve their housing issues. One of the families is a couple whose two sons had arrived in Armenia earlier and are living in a one-bedroom apartment. The other family has children. “One of the families is a couple. The husband is a gardener, and the wife is a housewife. A Syrian-Armenian businessman asked us to send the couple to see him. They will live at a renovated house for free and will be paid for their work. We introduced the couple to the businessman, and the sides have initially come to terms,” said Naira Yedigarian.

Naira Yedigaryan the families face financial problems, language barriers and their children’s education that need to be solved over tie.

The attack on the Syrian town of Kessab located near the Turkish-Syrian border and to the north of Latakia began from eight points on the Turkish border on Mar. 21. There were rumors that the attack was organized by the Jabha An Nusra and Jeyshal Islam terrorist groups. There are no residents left in the town. They have been moved to safer areas.

Most of the Armenians have taken shelter within national organizations located near the Saint Mary Armenian Church in Latakia. The local Armenian Emergency Unit and the Red Crescent of Syria have provided the residents with food and the necessary accessories. The Armenian families of Kessab wish to return to their homes and rebuild them. Several Diaspora Armenian organizations are raising the issue of Kessab through diplomatic channels and are drawing the international community’s attention to the events in Kessab and are demanding to make Turkey stop supporting the terrorist groups. They are calling on ensuring the safety of the Armenians of Kessab and providing the opportunity for their return.


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