Living in Moscow, they were destined to meet in Armenia

It’s safe to say that the teachers of the “Hayordats Tun” School of Moscow, which is under the patronage of the Armenian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Nor Nakhichevan and Russia, know every one of their students by name. Each of those students has left a trace in the history of the school and has become an inseparable part of the Armenian school. But there are students whose teachers remember them by their smiles. It’s not because of their uniqueness, but because of the path that they have chosen to take in life. As a rule, teachers’ conversations start with the following: “You know what’s interesting? It’s as if I have married my children. Both are mine, both make me happy and I know they will have a good future…”

The “Hayordats Tun” School has been bringing Diaspora Armenian youth together for the past seven years. It’s not just a school. It has helped lay the foundation for many families.

The current and former students of “Hayordats Tun” School were among those celebrating the Armenian Tyarndarach holiday in the yard of the newly built Holy Glorification Church in Moscow. Among the students were those who believed that they would celebrate the holiday with their loved ones next year, but there are two students who aren’t tasting the salty cracker and seeking their loved ones among strangers, and those two students are Norair and Margarita. “Hayordats Tun” School’s “Gavit” Theater is an inseparable part of the school and has helped unite the two.

Living in Moscow, they were destined to meet in Armenia while climbing to the peak of Aragats, which is the country’s highest mountain.

“I met Norair about five years ago. As an active student of “Hayordats Tun”, I was also sent to Armenia. During the visit, we decided to climb Mount Aragats. Our close friend, actress of “Gavit” Theater, Kristina had also invited Norair. I hadn’t taken into consideration the fact that we were going to climb a mountain, and it was quite cold outside. Norair offered me his jacket, and that’s how we meet,” said Margarita.

As they were coming down, Norair and Margarita actively discussed Armenians’ life in Moscow and found out that they both liked theater.

“I started revealing a young man who is actively involved in Armenian community life in Moscow. I could see the fire in his eyes when he talked about the homeland,” said Margarita.

Norair has graduated from a performing arts school in Moscow, and Margarita revealed the magical world of theater at “Gavit” Theater of “Hayordats Tun” and has decided never to leave the “greatest reality”, that is, theater.

Theater and the homeland were what united Norair and Margarita, who are members of “Gavit” Theater and are getting ready to get married. It should be mentioned that they plan on climbing to the top of Aragats with the members of “Gavit” on August 8th in the fifth year of their acquaintance.

Their matrimony will be an addition to the “families” of “Hayordats Tun”, which will set an example for the others and will confirm that the cold from the north can’t melt the burning love that two Diaspora Armenians have for each other and for the homeland.

Armine Kareyan


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