Conversations with “Ari Tun” program participants

Summer is over, but “Ari Tun” is still calling Diaspora Armenian youth to Armenia and familiarizing them with the beautiful sites worth seeing in Armenia. This time, 23 Armenian youth from Marseilles responded to the call and are currently participating in the additional stage of the program.

Tumas Tashchian, 13, is visiting Armenia for the first time. He speaks Armenian with difficulty and only understands questions in Armenian, but there was so much joy and admiration in his eyes when he was viewing the buiding of the Matenadaran, the halls, as well as the small and large manuscripts. “I have trouble speaking Armenian because we don’t speak the language too much at home, but I love the Armenian language. I loved Armrenia, Yerevan…I have decided to become a doctor. I would like to study and work in Armenia,” Tumas Tashchian said as he shared his wishes during an interview with “Hayern Aysor”.

Unlike Tashchian, Sarin Gasparian is visiting Armenia for the fourth time. “My first visit to Armenia was in 2009. Before seeing Armenia, I thought it was a large village. Then, when I saw it, I was amazed to see how big and beautiful Yerevan is. Before coming to Armenia through the “Ari Tun” program. I had toured Armenian with my family and had even reached the marvelous Karabakh.

Sarin Gasparian is in Armenia with her classmates from the Hamazgayin Educational Center in Marseilles. In addition to her studies, she also dances. “I have taken dancing lessons for 10 years and have learned how to dance very beautiful Armenian dances.”

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