“She not only paints, but also presses the material with her hand”

“Milanda’s paintings don’t let your soul rest. They always keep your mind and imagination alive.”

On September 22, well-known Diaspora Armenian painter Milanda de Mont held a painting exhibition showcasing her works, as well as the works by painters Vardan Tovmasyan and gagik Charchyan at Art Gallery.

Attending the exhibition were painters, intellectuals, artists, foreign guests who had an exclusive opportunity to see the works by the well-known painter in Armenia.

Milanda de Mont painted the works shown at the exhibition in loneliness in Armenia, which is very important for the painter.

“I have been in different moods here and it is all expressed in my paintings. I created these paintings in eight weeks. I hope to visit and create new paintings in Armenia again,” said Milanda de Mont who doesn’t like to speak of her works and wants viewers to express their opinions. There were varying, unique and interesting opinions, just like the painter’s paintings.

“I have been a fan of Milanda’s paintings for years. I place high importance on abstract art and its advocacy in Armenia because it is a special way of thinking that enriches a person with new feelings, new images, develops a person’s imagination and gives a person the opportunity to create his inner world with the help of lines and colors of the outside world. Milanda is the best in this sphere and is invited to different countries to showcase her art. Each of Milanda’s exhibitions is a celebration of the soul for me,” said writer, publicist Abgar Apinyan.

Art critic Marina Stepanyan gave a very special peech on the painter’s works.

“As I entered the exhibition hall, what immediately drew my attention was the setting. The colors are very harmonious and natural. I associate the scenes in each painting with scenes like sunrise and sunset. The colors also have a form that doesn’t fade, but has a certain volume as if they are prepared from a pressing device. I sense that she not only paints, but also presses that material with her hands. She has firmness and flexibility. I see a genuine painter’s approach. I would like to see Milanda make several attempts in plotting her paintings because it would be interesting.”

Milanda de Mont will participate in the Florence Biennale in December. Let’s wish the painter success and wait for her to show new paintings in the homeland.

Lusine Abrahamyan

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