Syrian-Armenian community denies news about assaults against Armenians

The Syrian-Armenian community denies news about armed Syrians’ assaults against Armenians.

Mediamax correspondent’s interlocutor representing the Syrian-Armenian community, who wished to remain anonymous for security purposes, said the information was inaccurate.

“There is no reliable source that will confirm that information. This is misinformation. There are no facts showing people who have been attacked or whether those people are Armenians or not. In addition, there have not been and there are no Armenians living in the part of Aleppo where the incident supposedly took place. The information is unreliable,” says the source.

According to the member of the Syrian-Armenian community, if there were such assaults against the Armenians, the other members of the Armenian community and the Armenian Prelacy of Aleppo would have been aware of them. “The community has no news about missing persons,” said the member of the community.

According to the source, it’s groundless to speak about violence or persecutions against the Armenians.

“Yes, we can’t deny the fact that Islamist extremists are taking certain actions against the Christians (Arab Christians and Assyrians), but we Armenians make up a very small percentage of that Christian sector,” says the community member.

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