Mesrobian handed out diplomas to 63 graduating students of the jubilee generation

On May 24, 2019, Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School and Technical College presented the generation of this year’s graduates during Mesrobian’s enthusiastic and exciting traditional ceremony.

The celebration gained added significance due to the fact that it coincided with the 80th anniversary of the school’s foundation, which provided an opportunity to emphasize Mesrobian’s academic merit through the perspective of 8 decades.

Mesrobian’s courtyard was filled with 1,400 guests. The ceremony was sponsored by His Beatitude Krikor Bedros XX, Catholicos-Patriarch of the See of Cilicia, presided by Patriarchal Vicar and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Armenian Catholic Patriarchal Schools Monsignor Kapriel Mouradian, and attended by Armenian officials of the Lebanese State, clergymen, Armenian Catholic Sisters of the Congregation of the Immaculate Conception, principals and teachers of various schools, representatives of different organizations, parents and friends.

After the solemn entrance of the graduates at the stage and after the hymns of Lebanon, Armenian and Mesrobian, Principal of Mesrobian High School and Technical College Mr. Gregoire Kaloust delivered the opening speech.

After welcoming the guests on behalf of “Light and Hope-inspiring Mesrobian School”, Mr. Kaloust stated that Mesrobian, which is marking the 80th anniversary of its existence and activity, continues to take firm steps in line with the new educational standards and requirements, “so that our generations will be well prepared for their own future with a strong Christian spirit, a national sense of consciousness, civil and human healthy character and competitive education.’’

Mr. Kaloust expressed his gratitude to His Beatitude Catholicos-Patriarch Krikor Bedros XX, Monsignor Kapriel Mouradian, the founding Fathers of the school, past principals, educators and staff members, the curates of St. Savior Church, and supportive associations and benefactors for the encouragement, support and joint work aimed at the rising of Mesrobian.

“80 years later, Mesrobian has remained the faithful guardian and servant of Mesrob’s heritage. Together, we will continue our work by developing and modernizing the school, so that the process of rising does not stop, so that Mesrobian remains in his leadership position, so that the education of the generations can be safe and effective,” said Mr. Kaloust.

Avedis Abaklian, Serly Mardirossian and Sona Tashjian delivered speeches on behalf of the graduates, consecutively in Armenian, English and French. They all expressed their gratitude, addressed to the school’s principal, teachers and parents, emphasizing their commitment to remain faithful to Mesrobian’s spirit.

Mrs. Eva Koressian delivered a speech on behalf of the teaching staff. “The dynamism of an educational institution is often conditioned by the quantity and quality of its sources of inspiration. This quantity and quality are found with excellent characteristics in Mesrobian, in this 80-year-old young and vigorous forge where young people are educated through religious, national and human values, “said Mrs. Koressian, wishing the graduating students “trouble-free life roads, unbounded soaring and realization of desires. “

During the artistic program of the ceremony, Serly Matoyan (Piano) and Shant Goshgagarian (Trumpet) performed ��?’Akhpers ou Yes’’ (My brother and I), Natasha Haddad recited in Arabic, Celina Demirjian, Natasha Haddad, Christina Guleserian and Gacia Sagherian performed a couple of songs, Kevork Der Sarkissian played two songs on his guitar, two European dances were performed, and finallythe graduates performed ��?’Vertchin Zank’’ (Last Bell) song. A video depicting the graduates’ final year’s activities and their educational-social life in Mesrobian was shown. According to the tradition of years, Mesrobian’s Shield was transferred to the next year’s graduates.

Monsignor Mouradian delivered the closing speech, in which he blessed the path of the graduating students toward more luminous sources and encouraged them to remain faithful to the belief, vision and values of the Christian and Armenian man.

63 students from Mesrobian High School and Technical College received their diplomas for the jubilee year 2018-2019. The celebration ended with congratulating the graduates and their parents.

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