Italy’s Lazio Region adopts resolution recognizing Armenian Genocide

Parliament of the Lazio Region of Italy on Monday unanimously adopted a resolution recognizing the historical reality of Armenian Genocide.

Council of the Armenian Community of Rome informed Armenians Today that, with this resolution, the Lazio MPs extend their support and assistance to Armenians in their fight for historical truth and to the efforts to protect human rights.

The resolution was submitted to the Lazio Region parliament by its member Sergio Pirozzi who, in his related letter addressed to the Armenian community, noted that he wants for this step to become a commitment to truth and solidarity, and a sincere expression for the benefit of a nation whose members have fallen victims to deportations and enormous massacres.

Also, Pirozzi expressed the hope that this step will be a signal for the youth and future generations so that such crimes will never again be repeated.

The parliament the Lazio Region has become the 136th Italian regional legislature to adopt a resolution recognizing Armenian Genocide.

The complete respective list is available here.

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