Repatriate Karen Papyan plans to set up his own business in IT field

After living in Russia for 25 years the Papyan family made a decision to move to Armenia. Karen Papyan, the father of the family, told ARMENPRESS that their kids’ wish to move to Armenia contributed to making such a decision.

“We have moved to Russia on September 21, 1993. We live in Perm for already 25 years. We have 5 children. They all were born and grew up in Russia. During these years I have regularly created an opportunity for my kids to visit Armenia, keep ties with the homeland, but there was no talk on moving to Armenia yet. Although recently we were discussing this issue, but were concerned over the kids, we thought they may not be adapted. But the time showed that we moved to Armenia by their own desire”, Karen Papyan said.

The children visited Armenia last year by the Diaspora’s ministry’s Come Back Home program. They were very impressed from the visit, and we started seriously taking actions on moving to Armenia.

“Living in Russia I have always dreamed that my kids will have strong ties with the homeland, but today something more happened: Armenia, the Armenian reality, the native land became the daily routine of my children. We are here since August, my children already attend educational institutions. They are very satisfied for living in Armenia, and this encourages us”, he said.

While living in Perm Karen Papyan has been and now as well is one of the active figures of the Armenian community. He is the chairman of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Perm. He says he still has works to do there, therefore, there will be visits to Perm for some time.

“We have lived in Russia for 25 years, but today we made a decision to resettle in Armenia”, Karen Papyan noted.

Before moving to Armenia he regularly visited Yerevan, thoroughly examined the opportunities for running a business, and as he says, he knows very well what he is going to do. Karen Papyan wants to set up his own business in IT field. Currently he is collecting his working team.

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