Taner Akcam’s started examining Armenian Genocide thanks to his father

Famous Turkish historian Taner Akcam started showing interest in and examining the Armenian Genocide thanks to his father, who raised him to fight for justice. According to Armenpress, Akcam talked about this during an event entitled “Orders of Murder: The Telegrams of Talaat Pasha and the Armenian Genocide” and held in Yerevan. “I am a Turk, but the same blood runs in our veins. The Armenian Genocide sparked my interest thanks to my father. My father would only tell me to tell the truth and fight for justice,” the Turkish historian said.

Akcam stated that whenever he walks in Yerevan, he feels that the air and geography are the same as in Turkey. He says Turkey justifies denialism with the demand for originals of the documents that serve as evidence of the Armenian Genocide. “They question the fact of the Armenian Genocide due to the lack of the original documents. Turkey’s denialism has initially been an integral part of genocide,” Akcam said and added that denialism has its origins and didn’t start after the Armenian Genocide.

Famous Turkish historian Taner Akcam acknowledges the Armenian Genocide and has written books devoted to the topic.

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