Armenian community of Saratov holds cultural event

On April 15, Krunk Armenian Community of Saratov and the National Cultural Center of Saratov hosted a solemn event wrapping up the month-long events dedicated to women. Let us mention that the event was behind schedule because of the quarantine declared due to the flu epidemic, but there were a lot of people in the hall.

There were also many foreigners since Armenian culture is becoming more and more popular in the region year after year.

The concert featured many surprises and there were many emotional moments. The poems devoted to lovely Armenian mothers and recited by the artists of Krunk Armenian Youth Theater/Studio (artistic director Nune Bareghamyan, soloists Nelly, Mary and Sipan Mkhitaryan, Albert, Henry Stepanyan, Andranik Chilingaryan, Arthur Grigoryan, Sophie Gasparyan) showed their virtue, infinite kindness and dedication and beautifully captivated the audience. The lullabies and patriotic songs performed by Inesa Harutyunyan, Rima Petrosyan, Naira Srapionyan, Albert Khachanyan, composer Artush Zatikyan and Satenik Armenian Choir (artistic director Marina Boyajyan, singers Sveta Srapionyan, Angela Boyajyan, Siranush Ghukasyan, Mariam Petrosyan) captivated the audience with their exceptionality.

The brilliant performances by the dance groups of the Armenian Cultural Center of Saratov sparked great interest and entertained the audience. The dances were performed by Divali Indian Dance Group and Savitri Indian and Asian Dance Group (artistic director Olga Kamkina), as well as Sudarushka Folk Dance Group (artistic director Elena Filimonova).

The event’s guest of honor was Milar Dance Ensemble of the city of Marx (artistic director Piruza Grigoryan). The beautiful dance of Armenian girls was a story of the love of a mother, and the “Spirit of the Armenian Nation” and “Artsakh” dances — an example of great patriotism.

The event was very sentimental because there were many performers who expressed their congratulatory messages and words of gratitude to their mothers. Every video served as an example of the love and gratitude of a child.

The most attractive surprise was the congratulatory video messages of the leaders and members of Armenian organizations of the Diaspora.

All the Armenian ladies and women attending the event were pleased to hear the welcoming remarks of President of Ararat Armenian Association of Valencia Ararat Ghukasyan, the school’s teachers, parents and especially the little, yet brave and brilliant schoolchildren. They were also joined by the Armenian community of Perm region of the Russian Federation, the entire staff and smart students of the community’s exemplary school, under the leadership of the school’s Principal Jasmena Hayrapetyan.

The audience was also very happy and excited to listen to the ardent and touching welcoming remarks  and performances of the Armenian community of Tuapse (Union of Armenians of the Russian Federation), dance ensembles and director of the youth organization Narine Khojayan, as well as watched the beautiful congratulatory video messages of the Armenian community of Domodedovo and the school’s Principal Haikanush Gasparyan, the staff and students of the school of Sverdlov of Lori Province of the Republic of Armenia and teacher Anna Magtaghyan and the administration of the city of Marx of Saratov Oblast. This made the event more solemn and created a warm atmosphere. Motherhood and Beauty Day became a link for Armenians of the world and people with a good will. Armenian mothers embody the image of the Mother Homeland, and it was not by chance that they consolidated everyone under the national flag, reminding that children must always be united.

The following are the opinions of some of the participants of the event:

Laura Khachatryan, painter, poet: We were in Armenia with body and mind throughout the event. We listened to Armenian songs, watched performances of Armenian dances and listened to Armenian poems. There were endless rounds of applause. The congratulatory video messages and the words of gratitude touched the hearts of Armenian mothers, and the performances were wonderful. The people left with excitement, pride, with smiles on their faces and with the hope of attending another brilliant event. The event was a great success. I applaud the organizers.

Irina Dalechina, linguist: Among the participants of the event were various creative groups and performers of Saratov. In addition, the organizers had contacted the Armenian communities of the Russian Federation and other countries, and we were able to see the great congratulatory video messages from other countries and listen to kind wishes on this wonderful occasion. I would especially like to mention the fact that the messages in Armenian were definitely translated into Russian. It is a great pleasure for the audience to see such care and attention. Everything was more than touching. Armenian was being spoken smoothly just like water flows smoothly. All the performances were more than touching. The songs, the dances and the national costumes were very beautiful, and the poems of Laura Khachatryan devoted to mothers were very touching. It wasn’t the first time that I shed tears during an event. I express deep gratitude to the organizers and participants of the event.

I also express deep gratitude to the leaderships of Krunk Armenian Community of Saratov Oblast and the Armenian Cultural Center of Saratov for helping organize the event, as well as to all the creative groups, artists and assistants. I also address the organizations of the Diaspora, the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation with special gratitude for warming our hearts with their congratulatory messages.

Nune Bareghamyan

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