Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan meets with representatives of Armenian community organizations in Vienna

On March 30, RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan, who is on a working visit to Austria, had a meeting with representatives of the organizations and institutions of the Armenian community of Vienna at the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia.

Greeting the attendees, Minister Hranush Hakobyan mentioned, with satisfaction, the fact that the Armenian community of Vienna stands out with its level of organization and that the community organizations closely work with the Ministry of Diaspora and participate in the Ministry’s programs.

Presenting the Armenia-Diaspora partnership, the Minister touched upon the features of the Armenian Diaspora, the stages of its development, as well as the current issues and challenges facing the Armenian Diaspora. “The President of the Republic of Armenia has set forth three strategic objectives for the Ministry: to contribute to preservation of the Armenian identity, to promote revelation and consolidation of the potential of all Armenians for the economic development of Armenia and Artsakh and to develop and implement programs promoting repatriation. Most of the Ministry’s programs are aimed at preserving the Armenian identity, language and culture in the Diaspora. To consolidate the potential of all Armenians, there are several pan-Armenian professional associations (Pan-Armenian Association of Architects and Engineers, All-Armenian Media Association, Pan-Armenian Conference of Lawyers, Armenian Trade Network organization, Armenian Medical International Committee, the Armenian Jewelers Association, the Pan-Armenian Association of Financiers and Bankers, etc.), which work with the Ministry and hold regular conferences and roundtable discussions. The members of those associations closely work together and implement joint programs,” the Minister of Diaspora stated and added that the Ministry is developing a relevant draft law, strategy and program to meet the third strategic objective, that is, promotion of repatriation.

Presenting the results of the Armenia-Diaspora partnership, the Minister of Diaspora attached importance to the following: “Today, the Diaspora has become Armenia-centered. The legal grounds for the Armenia-Diaspora partnership have been created, business ties have been established with almost all Armenian communities and pan-Armenian organizations, agreements have been concluded, 26 programs of the Ministry of Diaspora have been and continue to be successfully implemented, and some of those programs are being carried out in partnership with Armenian organizations abroad. The geography of the participants has expanded, and the number of participants has grown. Pan-Armenian professional associations have been established, Diaspora experts have undergone training, and the key issues of the Diaspora have been explored. Several educational, cultural, youth and other programs being carried out in Armenia have become pan-Armenian programs, and the Diaspora component is a part of those programs.”

Minister Hranush Hakobyan also talked about Armenia’s investment policy, the results and the growth of tourism and presented the programs and activities that the Ministry is carrying out with Syrian-Armenians.

“Today, it is impossible not to notice that Armenia is growing and becoming strong and that Yerevan has become similar to a European city. Our independent Armenia is only 27 years old and with the vigor of a young person, but it is also experienced. We are on the path to development and are moving forward persistently,” the Minister of Diaspora stated.

At the end, the attendees extended thanks to Minister Hranush Hakobyan for her extensive speech and exhaustive answers.

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