RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan participated in opening of personal library of Beirut-Armenian writer and historian Levon Vartan

On March 26, RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan participated in the opening of the personal library named after Beirut-Armenian writer and historian Levon Vartan at Eurasia International University. Levon Vartan’s family has donated the writer’s literary legacy, archival materials and original manuscripts to the Library of Eurasia International University.

Greeting the attendees, Minister Hranush Hakobyan first and foremost congratulated the University’s students and those studying Western Armenian literature and history on having the opportunity to read and study so many books that are part of a rich legacy in Armenia. “This is historic. After many trips, Levon Vartan “returned” to Armenia in the form of his works and books. Levon Vartan was born in Aleppo, lived and received an education in Lebanon, was first and foremost a pedagogue and a teacher and left his remnant trace. He dedicated most of his historiographical studies to the greatest pain of the Armenian nation, that is, the Armenian Genocide. The transfer of Levon Vartan’s legacy to Armenia is a great gift from Levon Vartan’s family to all of us,” the Minister of Diaspora stated.

Minister Hranush Hakobyan urged the students to read the great writer’s historiographical and fictional books. “Books are the most precious asset. Let them become your friends, accompany you in life and pave the way for the future. I hope you read these important books with pleasure, and I hope they are digitized in the near future,” Hranush Hakobyan emphasized.

Rector of Eurasia International University Suren Ohanyan considered the day an unforgettable day for the University and expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Diaspora for helping transfer Levon Vartan’s literary legacy from Beirut to Yerevan. “The Library is open and accessible for anyone who wishes to come and become familiar with the Beirut-Armenian writer’s legacy. One of the goals of opening this library is to popularize Levon Vartan the author, the historian and the individual,” Suren Ohanyan stated.

Director of “Diaspora” Scientific and Educational Center Suren Danielyan emphasized the fact that a part of the literature of the Armenian Diaspora has also been brought to Armenia along with the writer’s literary archive.

Director of Charents Museum of Literature and Arts Karo Vardanyan also gave a speech during the event.

Deputy Director of the Baseline School of Eurasia International University Sirarpi Davtyan gave a speech entitled “The Literary Legacy of Levon Vartan”.

Afterwards, Syrian-Armenian children of the school Sarkis Katerjian and Lara Batronian read excerpts from the writer’s books.

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