Armenian family’s 100-year-old Turkish-language letters written in Armenian alphabet published as book

Turkish historian Shyukru Ilijak has explored the century-old Turkish-language letters of an Armenian family written in Armenian letters. According to Gazeteduvar news website, the letters have been compiled in a book entitled “To My Dear Son, Karapet” and published by PressHistory Publishing House.

The historian says the letters belonged to Harutioun Kojaian, who was originally from the Efkeye village of the Turkish city of Kesaria and, due to dire conditions, had left the Ottoman Empire for the United States prior to the Armenian Genocide.

Although Kojaian left for the United States, he would send letters to his relatives living in the village, particularly his son, Karapet.

The letters are quite touching since they express Kojaian’s longing for his village. in his letters, he talks about his daily problems and worries.

After 1915, Kojaian stops writing letters to his relatives and doesn’t receive letters for several years.

A couple of years later, in 1918, a letter from the village states that Kojaian’s friends and relatives have been massacred.

The Turkish historian admits that Turkish historiographers present the Armenians as a nation that rebelled against the State, but that is not the case.

The letters were provided to the Turkish historian by Jonathan Varjabedian, who was one of the relatives of the Kojaians, writes

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