“The Call of the Land”-film dedicated to the memory of Levon Melik-Shahnazaryan

On February 7, 2018, devoted son of the Armenian nation, Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Foreign Relations of the Supreme Council of Nagorno-Karabakh and founder of Voskanapat Analytical Center Levon Melik-Shahnazaryan would turn 60.

During the most difficult years for Armenia and at the peak of his career, the famous political scientist, publicist and public figure left everything behind, his safety in Tashkent and returned to the homeland to stand by his people’s side. The year 1988 was a year of dangers and disturbances, and it was that year that Melik-Shahnazaryan, his wife and children came not just to Armenia, but Stepanakert where the military operations were escalating. Many years have passed since then, but Melik-Shahnazaryan never regretted deciding to come to Stepanakert.

As Levon Melik-Shahnazaryan, it is the duty of each Armenian to not only plant a tree and have children, but also take care of the homeland which, like a mother, is the one and only. He would say the following: “Is our financial welfare really more valuable than the future of our children?”

To talk about the tremendous amount of work that Levon Melik-Shahnazaryan has done for Armenia and Armenian people would mean to say nothing at all. His passing away made the column collapse, and his loss seems irreplaceable…

Kamurj Media Center has prepared a film called “THE CALL OF THE LAND”, which is dedicated to the memory of the Great Patriot and has been made to fulfill his will. We believe that his immortal soul is with us and that his works and ideas will always stay in our hearts…

Kamurj Media Center

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