Marseille’s ARAM Association compiling and digitizing history of French-Armenian community

The Association for Research and Archiving of Armenian Memory of Marseille (ARAM- l’Association pour la Recherche et l’Archivage de la Mémoire Arménienne) is compiling and digitizing documents, photos, letter and compact discs telling and portraying stories about the Armenian community of France.

“Any document, be it an employment contract, a flyer for an event or a dance ticket, is important and a very interesting part of the archives. We have photos dating back to the 1930s. We receive books that are often illegible. We thank people for trusting us. They know that the Association will digitize and disseminate them,” administrator of the archiving center of ARAM and Professor of History and Geography Astrid Artin-Lousigian said, reported Rusarminfo with a link on La Marseillaise.

The first Armenians settled in France in the 6th century. Their number gradually grew especially after the fall of the Armenian State of Cilicia (14th century) and later in the 15th-16th centuries when small Armenian communities were established in Marseille, Paris and several other cities. The French-Armenian community particularly became a large community when thousands of families of Western Armenian migrants and orphans saved from the Armenian Genocide settled in France.

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