Armenian traditional dances event to be held in Saint Petersburg (video)

On December 1 at 19:00, Atmasfera Show-Hall in Saint Petersburg (the cultural capital of Russia) will host an event featuring performances of Armenian traditional dances and organized by Zartonq Armenian National Dance Ensemble (director Avag Gaboyan). The event is entitled “Lernapar” (Mountain Dance) and is open to not only Armenians, but also people of any nationality interested in Armenian culture.

The goal of the event is to introduce the residents of Saint Petersburg to the values, traditions, history and culture of the Armenian people, as well as help them establish cross-cultural ties and strengthen the already existing ties.

The event is dedicated to the 5th anniversary of Zartonq Armenian National Dance Ensemble.

The event entitled “Lernapar” will show the spirit and pride of Armenians, the courage of Armenian fighters, the meekness of Armenian girls, the wisdom and devotion of Armenian women and the message of the ancestors…

The event features a concert, master classes (the goal of which is to teach every participant Armenian national dances), as well as numerous awards and surprises.

Among the participants is Zartonq’s partnering Khatutik Development Center, which had organized master classes and an aquaculture with national ornaments. The program also included contests organized by Zartonq, Khatutik and other partners. The winners will receive awards in the form of gifts and packages. Let us also mention that the general sponsor of the event is Menq Group.

For details, visit Zartonq’s website at

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