Diaspora Minister hands “Ambassador of Mother Language” Medal to founding director of Radio AYK

Minister of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia Hranush Hakobyan highly appreciates the role of media in the strengthening of Armenia-Diaspora relations. The Minister mentioned this as she handed the “Ambassador of the Mother Language” Medal to founding director of the AYK Armenian Online Radio (Radio AYK) of the United Arab Emirates Shakeh Mangasarian during a ceremony held at the Ministry of Diaspora. The medal was granted by the Executive Order of the Minister of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia of 14 September 2016 and was personally granted by the Minister on October 26, 2017.

Expressing gratitude to Shakeh Mangasarian for her large-scale activities for preservation of the Armenian identity, Minister Hranush Hakobyan voiced hope that her activities would be ongoing and that they would convey new air to the preservation of the Armenian identity within the Armenian community of not only the UAE, but also all the Armenian communities within which Radio AYK is broadcast. “Shakeh Mangasarian has been presenting the values of the Armenian nation with pleasure and dedication for the past eight years. The experts of the field will affirm that ensuring uninterrupted, 24-hour airtime is not an easy task, but Shakeh manages to accomplish her mission alone and unconditionally,” the Minister of Diaspora stated.

During the meeting, journalist Arpen Movsisyan talked about Shakeh Mangasarian’s professionalism, comprehensive knowledge and the skills that she has as a journalist.

Highly appreciating Shakeh Mangasarian’s great human attributes, Director for Public Broadcasting at the Public Radio of Armenia Ruzan Arakelyan stated that Radio AYK and the Public Radio of Armenia have been collaborating for the past five years and that Shakeh’s influential speeches and messages are broadcast on the Public Radio of Armenia every Friday.

Cellist Medea Abrahamyan, linguist Hagop Cholakian and art critic Hrazdan Tokmajian touched upon Shakeh Mangasarian’s activities and individuality.

Shakeh Mangasarian expressed gratitude for the high award and stated that Radio AYK’s broadcasts news about Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora, shows devoted to politics and religion (Interpretation of the Bible, broadcasting of a Holy Mass), cultural programs and interviews. As for musical performances, Radio AYK mainly broadcasts Armenian national music, including folk songs, the songs of Armenian gousans and troubadours. The radio station also broadcasts classical music.

Radio AYK’s shows are also broadcast by Yerkir Media TV, ARMENIA TV (USA) and Kilikia TV (Antelias Lebanon), as well as on the websites of Asbarez and Horizon newspapers.

Shakeh Mangasarian stated that being valued and appreciated by the Armenian government and particularly the Minister of Diaspora is of great significance for Diaspora Armenians and expressed gratitude for the close collaboration and the sincere and generous attitude that the Minister and the employees of the Ministry show towards every Diaspora Armenian.


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