Syrian-Armenian girl’s gift to Artsakh

The announcement of Naregatsi Art Institute about Naregatsi-Shoushi Orchestra and the donation of necessary instruments for the full operation of the orchestra also sparked the interest of the Keshgerian family of Syria.

Alisa Keshgerian, 9, is a member of the club for Syrian-Armenians that is part of the Sevan Naggashian Painting Class of Naregatsi Art Institute. She found out about the need for donating musical instruments to Naregatsi-Shoushi Orchestra from the club.

Alisa Keshgerian had been performing with her small musical instrument (canon) for several months, but since her parents recently gave her a big canon as a gift, she wished to donate the small canon to the newly created Naregatsi-Shoushi Orchestra as a contribution to this wonderful initiative for the flourishing of Armenian culture.

Naregatsi Art Institute accepts the donation from the Keshgerian family with a great feeling of gratitude. The purity and sincerity of these children towards the arts serves as a ground to state that the efforts of the Naregatsi Art Institute for the preservation and development of Armenian culture give fruit.

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