Presentation of book “The Armenian Diaspora in the Changing World” was held

On October 2, at the initiative of the Armenian Studies and Social Sciences Section of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (NAS) and with the support of the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia, the sessions hall of the Presidency of the NAS RA hosted the presentation of Hranush Hakobyan’s monograph entitled “The Armenian Diaspora in the Changing World”. The book was recommended for publication by the academic council of the History Institute of the NAS RA. The subject-matter of the study is the process of development of the Armenia-Diaspora partnership, as well as the results and perspectives. For the first time, an attempt is being made to examine the concept of “Diaspora” in the changing world and present in general the origin and formation of the Armenian Diaspora, the stages of development throughout history, as well as the current state and features of the Armenian Diaspora.

The event was attended by RA Minister of Culture Armen Amiryan; President of the NAS RA Radik Martirosyan; Head of the Department of Foreign Relations and Protocol of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, His Grace, Fr. Archbishop Nathan Hovhannisyan; Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Armenia to the Republic of Poland Edgar Ghazaryan, as well as state, public and political figures, scholars, analysts and experts.

President of the NAS RA Radik Martirosyan expressed his greetings to the attendees.

In his opening remarks, academician-secretary of the Armenian Studies and Social Sciences Section of the NAS RA Yuri Suvaryan said the following: “In this book of encyclopedic significance, allow me to first and foremost set aside the section entitled “History and Current Description of the Armenian Diaspora” in which the author, with academic commentaries, presents the term ��?diaspora’ in general, distinguishes between the stages of formation of the Armenian Diaspora and gives a general picture, touching upon not only the history, but also the educational, scientific and cultural heritages of the Diaspora, the current state of the Diaspora, the pan-Armenian and professional organizations, centers for Armenian studies, the media, museums and libraries in the Diaspora and the historical and cultural heritage of the Diaspora. The author also identifies the key issues of Armenian identity and touches upon Armenia’s state policy on the Armenia-Diaspora partnership,” Yuri Suvaryan stated.

His Grace, Fr. Archbishop Nathan Hovhannisyan gave his blessing to the gathered and stated the following: “This monumental monograph serves as further evidence of the one-nation-one Homeland unity, and allow me to congratulate all of us on the release of this book.”

Emphasizing the scientific and practical significance of the book “The Armenian Diaspora in the Changing World”, Director of the History Institute of the NAS RA, academician Ashot Melkonyan emphasized the following: “There are many books of great academic value being released, but they are never accessible to the public at large in the practical sense. This monograph is one-of-a-kind in that it is of great academic, practical, cognitive and historiographical significance. The author presents the history of every Armenian community in a special way, highlighting the radical differences among them. The Armenian Church abroad is presented entirely and generally. Indeed, the author is gifted with the great ability to understand the intricate Diaspora. The book attaches importance to the issues of national concern, starting from the process of recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide and ending with the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. After the Armenian Diaspora Encyclopedia, this is a scientific-analytical book from which one can not only receive a tremendous amount of information, but also understand the current results and predict the future.”

Setting aside the book’s contribution to contemporary historiography, social sciences and Diaspora studies, President of AGBU Armenia, member of the AGBU Central Board Vasken Yacoubian particularly valued Hranush Hakobyan’s reflection on the history and development of the Armenia-Diaspora partnership, as well as the results and the perspectives. “The grave issues related to the Diaspora are presented academically. The book features encyclopedic materials and tables showing statistics. Taking into consideration the integrative significance of the book for Armenian communities and Diaspora Armenian organizations, I would like to inform you that the Armenian General Benevolent Union is ready to sponsor the English translation of this book,” Vasken Yacoubian stated.

President of the Armenian Center of Toronto, Chairman of S. Tehleryan Committee Hagop Janbazian also gave a speech devoted to the book.

Head of Department of the Institute of History of the NAS RA, corresponding member of the NAS RA Albert Kharatyan emphasized the academic, public and pan-national value of the book. Dean of the Faculty of History at Yerevan State University Edik Minasyan attached importance to the fact that the book can serve as a textbook and expressed gratitude for the book’s release on behalf of students pursuing their studies in Diaspora studies and the Faculty of History.

Director of “Armenpress” Armenian News Agency Aram Ananyan valued the book in the context of understanding, appreciating and analyzing the current trends. “We are living in an era of uncertainties, and add to that the flows of migration, the identity crisis, the civic and political instability and the challenges of the century. In this sense, the book gives the answers to many questions and indicates a certain roadmap for many uncertainties. That map is not only of serious academic significance, but is also similar to a political manifesto showing how the Armenia-Diaspora partnership must grow. However, for me, as a media representative, what is particularly interesting is how the author addresses the issues related to pan-Armenian media.”

Ananyan’s speech was followed by speeches by Rector of Gavar State University Ruzanna Hakobyan; Editor of Iran’s Alik Armenian Daily Derenik Melikian; Vice-President of the Union of Armenians of Russia and the World Armenian Congress Vladimir Aghayan and Dean of the Faculty of Journalism at Yerevan State University Naghash Martirosyan.

The presentation ended with a speech by author of the monograph “The Armenian Diaspora in the Changing World” Hranush Hakobyan, who expressed gratitude to the pan-Armenian organizations and ecclesiastical institutions and Armenian embassies in various countries through which several statistical data were specified. The author also expressed gratitude to the scholars who had given their critiques, made their recommendations and expressed their opinions. “The Armenian State must achieve the adoption of a UN declaration on the Diaspora and the development of a convention on the Diaspora since the rights and commitments of the Diaspora, the supranational, domestic, bilateral relations, the relations within the Diaspora and the relations between Armenia and the Diaspora have become a subject in international law, but there has yet to be an evaluation,” Hranush Hakobyan stated, emphasizing the fact that the scientific thought of Armenia and the Diaspora needs to be served first and foremost for the deepening and expansion of the Armenia-Diaspora partnership.

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