Ara Babloyan’s speech at the 6th Armenia-Diaspora Pan-Armenian Conference

Speech by Speaker of the RA National Assembly Ara Babloyan at the 6th Armenia-Diaspora Pan-Armenian Conference

Respectable Deputy Prime Minister,

Respectable Ministers,

Dear participants and guests of the Conference,

Dear friends,

First, I would like to congratulate all of us on the occasion of the upcoming Independence Day of Armenia. What is symbolic is the fact that the conference is being held ahead of the 26th anniversary of the declaration of Armenia’s Independence.

Allow me to express my gratitude to you all for your active participation. I am certain that this conference serves as a pan-national event that will bring us closer together, lead to tangible outcomes and promote the partnership of all Armenians around the world.

Generally speaking, the Armenia-Diaspora Conferences are a major event for Armenians in Armenia and abroad, and evidence of this is the geography that is expanding year after year.

This conference had a comprehensive agenda that included several topics, including economy, foreign policy, preservation of the Armenian identity and national security.

Of course, one of the major discussions was devoted to the idea of creating a Pan-Armenian Council. I believe that this future structure will fully be able to participate in the formation of a pan-Armenian and unified agenda with its form and content.

Dear friends,

The homeland is the major guarantor of spiritual security of Armenians abroad, and the Diaspora is the major supporter and beneficiary for ensuring the territorial and economic security of the homeland.

In this context, I would like to touch upon our Syrian-Armenian compatriots, most of whom have taken shelter in the homeland. On the one hand, Armenia is enriched by the Syrian-Armenians having immigrated to Armenia. On the other hand, Syrian-Armenians are in need of the joint support of Armenia and the Diaspora, irrespective of their location. The Republic of Armenia helps and will continue to help our Syrian-Armenian compatriots in Syria and elsewhere to the best of its ability. It is not by chance that the issues related to Syrian-Armenians were addressed separately during this conference, which is a major pan-Armenian event.

Dear compatriots,

The dream of all Armenians is to create a developed, just and safe country.

We are building a new Armenia that will have new perspectives and new opportunities.

We are on the path to democracy and sustainable development, and we can’t turn back, irrespective of any situation.

It is clear that the current economic and political situation in the world and the dynamically developing events bind us to be more flexible and mobile and to improve the instruments of political and economic diplomacy.

I am certain that most of you know the cost of all this since you live in different countries and are engaged in various spheres. Your participation and the use of your new knowledge, skills and experience can be helpful not only in your respective countries of residence where you have made quite a lot of achievements, but also in Armenia.

Your potential and participation are important for us. Together we will patiently put in all the efforts, move forward step-by-step and further consolidate the efforts of all Armenians to solve the problems facing Armenia and create new opportunities for a better future.

Armenia highly appreciates the efforts of the Diaspora Armenian organizations that particularly show support to young Diaspora Armenians to work as volunteers or find jobs in Armenia and use their knowledge and experience to help the homeland. We thank those organizations and individuals, as well as our international partners for their devotion to the nation.

I am certain that most of the people gathered here today have ideas and proposals. There might also be a need to present those ideas and proposals to the parliament in order to implement them. I would like to assure you that the doors of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia are always open for people who have constructive and reasonable proposals  and who can help our country and all Armenians around the world.

As you know, as a result of the amendments made to the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, the role of the National Assembly is more than pivotal. The system of parliamentary governance will become a reality next year when all the relevant provisions of the Constitution enter into force. The National Assembly will carry out its activities for the country’s development and progress with more vigor, and the activities will be more goal-oriented.

The efforts of us lawmakers need to be targeted at increase in the level of protection of human rights and further strengthening of rule of law.

Dear friends,

The various programs for progress and development can’t become a reality when there is no peace or security. Peace and security are nonnegotiable, and any concession of peace or security may lead to crucial and irremediable consequences.

The peace and security of Armenia’s borders are an integral part of the security of Artsakh’s borders. The existence of the second Armenian state, namely the Artsakh Republic, is an irrefutable fact for over a quarter of a century. Armenia has many friends in the parliaments of various countries who share and support the dreams of the people of Artsakh. Artsakh is also the embodiment of the pan-Armenian dream.

You all confide in the reliability and high level of efficiency of the Armenian armed forces and in the spirit of our soldiers and officers. Our army is becoming stronger and stronger every day because of your support because even an Armenian living in the most distant corner of the globe can’t keep calm when the homeland faces a problem with security.

This is the outstanding manifestation of the idea of the nation-army.

Consequently, any negotiation, discussion or solution can’t override the free will of the people of Artsakh, the idea of independence and security of Artsakh and the idea of peace. This is the basis that consolidates the priorities of our domestic and foreign policies. This is what President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan clearly spoke out about on behalf of all Armenians of the world during the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Dear friends,

We are well aware of the challenges that our country is facing, especially when we take into consideration the geopolitical developments and the current issues in the region. We first and foremost take as a basis our goals and interests, using diplomatic measures and ingenuities to defend and advance them. Nobody else knows about our needs better than us. Nobody has ever thought or will ever think more about our present and future. At the same time, we are not trying to build our relations with any country or organization to hurt other countries or organizations. We have quite a high rating of credibility and reliability in our relations with the Eurasian Economic Union, the European Union and our American and all other partners, including Iran and China as we aspire to not only benefit from the cooperation, but also be helpful.

Alongside the transition to the parliamentary system of governance, we will enhance the efforts of parliamentary diplomacy. On that road, we need the support of our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora and all of our friends around the world.

Dear friends,

Once again, I would like to thank you all. I am certain that this conference will also foster the development of the relations between Armenia and the Diaspora.

I wish you all peace, success and progress for the benefit of our nation, Armenia, Artsakh and all the communities of the Diaspora.

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