Aronian leads rapid and blitz with combined score

August 17th marked the launch of the blitz chess tournament in St. Louis where there will be a total of 18 matches, 9 of which have already been held. Armenian grosmeister Levon Aronian has only lost to Caruana. He has won Le, Kasparov, Dovinges, Anand and Nepomnyashchi and has tied the matches with Nakamura, Karyakin and Navara.

As a result, Aronian is currently in 2nd place with 6.5 points, falling behind Karyakin, who has scored 8 points. However, Levon Aronian is in 1st place with combined score in Rapid and Blitz Chess, writes

Gary Kasparov scored 3.5 points and shares the 6th-8th places. Overall, he is in 8th-9th places. The fifth and last day of the chess tournament will kick off on the evening of August 18.

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