Salpi with joyful eyes and the good-looking Arden from Istanbul are participating in the “Ari Tun” Program

The 8th stage of the “Ari Tun” Program of the RA Ministry of Diaspora for homeland recognition kicked off with a solemn opening ceremony that gathered young Armenians from different countries around the world. After the ceremony, they were scheduled to visit Oshakan, the place where Saint Mesrop Mashtots is buried. During the ceremony, I had an interview with two young Armenians of Istanbul –Arden and Salpi for Hayern Aysor.

Arden Arslan, 17

“I am from Istanbul. I attend the Central Armenian School. I heard about this program at school and from my friends. This is my first time in Armenia. I am happy that I will get to see our historic and cultural monuments. Our roots trace back to Western Armenia. My father is a shoemaker, and my mother – a housewife. We have learned a lot about Armenia and Western Armenian and Eastern Armenian writers in school. I especially like the works of Paronyan, Tekeyan and Otyan. I am interested in this program.”

Salpi Mor, 15

“I also attend the Central Armenian School and am visiting Armenia for the first time ever. I heard about the “Ari Tun” Program at our school and wished to participate. I didn’t know much about Armenia before my visit, but during this program, I will become more familiar with the sites in the country. The Armenian writers I know are Paronyan, Tekeyan and Mushegh Ishkhan…I think Yerevan is very beautiful, but I also see old structures that are not pretty and cast a shade on other beauties.”

…No matter where Armenians may be in this world, no matter what food they eat, they always enjoy the taste of the traditional Armenian dolma and the topik that Arden and Salpi talked about at the end of our interview. They also mentioned the tasty water in Yerevan. Their sincere and straightforward responses to my questions and their unique views on the hospitality that they had seen over the past two days and their impressions go to show that young Diaspora Armenians love and are interested in this program for homeland recognition. As I wished the good-looking Arden and the beautiful Salpi a safe trip to Oshakan, I noticed that they looked very Armenian and went back to the land of my ancestors, to Sasun and Mush, to Lake Van and Meghraget River, to Zeytun and Ardahan, to Kars and Ardahan and to Mount Maruta…

Karine Avagyan

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