Lebanon’s merited Armenian language teachers and Lebanese-Armenian figures receive awards

On July 14, at the initiative of Minister of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia Hranush Hakobyan, who is on a working visit to Lebanon, the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Lebanon hosted a gratitude event devoted to merited Armenian language teachers in Lebanon. The event was organized by the RA Embassy in Lebanon and attended by RA Ambassador to Lebanon Samvel Mkrtchyan.

In her opening remarks, Hranush Hakobyan appreciated the inmost efforts of the teachers and attached importance to their irreplaceable role in preserving the Armenian language abroad and providing the young Armenians of Lebanon with an Armenian upbringing.

Minister Hranush Hakobyan stressed the fact that Armenian teachers serve as a solid bridge through which the new generation of Armenians is linked to Armenia and stays clung to roots.

At the end of the event, the merited and retired Armenian language teachers of Lebanon received the Certificate of Appreciation, as well as the Medal of Gratitude and the “Ambassador of the Mother Language” Medal of the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia.

The following teachers were awarded by the RA Ministry of Diaspora:

Makrouhi Khachadourian (Roubinian Armenian School), Zabel Boyajian (Roubinian S. M. Armenian School), Azniv Altounian (Roubinian S. M. Armenian School), Sirarpi Kederian (Roubinian S. M. Armenian School), Makrouhi Yerganian (Sahagian-L. Meguerditchian College), Dr. Mary Bekarian (Sahagian-L. Meguerditchian College), Avedis Diban (Vahan Tekeyan Middle School), Rita Tamoukian (Vahan Tekeyan Middle School), Shakeh Dombourian (Vahan Tekeyan Middle School), Loris Toughlajian (Vahan Tekeyan Middle School), Verjin Saatjian (Mesropian Armenian Catholic High School), Ani Dagesian (Armenian Evangelical Central High School) and Lena Sahagian-Jorjian (P. & E. Torosian Armenian Evangelical Middle School).

Lebanese-Armenian figures Hrayr Dandzigian, Artur Goundakjian and Edgar Davitian were also awarded during the event.

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