Syrian-Armenian participant of 2017 “Ari Tun” Program: “Armenians need to fight with not only arms, but also knowledge”

Hayern Aysor When I say ��?Armenia’, I feel longing. This is how 14-year-old Syrian-Armenian Hagop Cholakian, who has been living in Armenia for the past three years, describes the homeland. Hagop found out about the “Ari Tun” Program from his friends, and his father urged him to participate. According to Hagop, everyone is in an Armenian environment in Kessab. He attended an Armenian school, and this is why Armenianness has been a part of his life since childhood.

“I am participating in the Program so that I can get more adapted to social life and explore Armenia more. One of the positive sides of the Program is that we visited various historic sites, spent a nice time and enriched our knowledge,” Hagop Cholakian stated and added: “I think Armenians need to fight with not only arms, but also knowledge and must be the first in their respective professions. I would like for adults and young people in the Armenian Diaspora to know about their nation and history.”

Anahit Abrahamyan

4th year student of the Faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology at Yerevan State University

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