Organizational meeting for 6th Armenia-Diaspora Conference was held

On 10 April, the RA Ministry of Diaspora hosted an organizational meeting for the 6th Armenia-Diaspora Conference to be held on 18-20 September in Yerevan. The meeting was moderated by Minister Hranush Hakobyan and gathered leaders and representatives of 21 pan-Armenian and ecclesiastical organizations who considered organizational issues and items on the agenda.

Greeting the attendees, the Minister of Diaspora attached importance to the pan-Armenian conference held once every three years as a platform for strengthening the bonds between Armenia and the Diaspora and for forming a unified, pan-Armenian agenda and establishing dialogue. The Minister particularly stated the following: “Working with pan-Armenian organizations and institutions is the most important topic of the dialogue between Armenia and the Diaspora. This conference must further specify and restructure the targeted, professional and Armenian agenda and help the participants make new recommendations about and present new approaches towards pan-Armenian priorities. We must be able to use the potential of the Diaspora in Armenia. Our two Armenian republics need a new direction and need to develop in a new way. In the speeches of representatives of pan-Armenian organizations and institutions, we need to find and highlight the suggestions for solving the issues related to preservation of the Armenian identity, updating the pan-Armenian agenda and modifying the concept paper on the Armenia-Diaspora partnership. We are all responsible for the conference, and we need to organize it very well.”

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