Event dedicated to the 175th birth anniversary of Srpouhi Dussap with the title “I am simply an Armenian woman”

On November 22, the secondary school in the Yegheg village of Syunik Province hosted an event dedicated to the 175th birth anniversary of the first Armenian woman novelist, Western Armenian writer, publicist and public and pedagogical figure Srpouhi Dussap (Srpouhi Vahanyan) with the title “I am simply an Armenian woman”, reported Hayern Aysor.

Teachers of Armenian language and literature M. Kostanyan and M. Adamyan presented Dussap as “the woman patriarch of Armenian literature” and “avant-garde of Armenian feminism”, attaching importance to her unforgettable contributions to the social lives of Armenians. Afterwards, the schoolchildren touched upon interesting episodes of the life and career of Dussap and watched a slide show, while the other schoolchildren provided ideological analyses on Dussap’s novels entitled “Mayta”, “Siranuysh” and “Araksia or the Teacher”.

At the end, Kostanyan expressed the thoughts of Dussap (one of the first ideologists for women’s rights in Armenian reality), noting that even though her contemporaries referred to as “a person who loves the nation” as a sign of gratitude, Dussap was modest. “I am simply an Armenia woman who works for her nation a little, just like other Armenian women…”

Let us remind that Srpouhi Dussap is one of the Armenian figures included in the 2016 Our Greats Program of the RA Ministry of Diaspora.

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