Vocal Music Evening Dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of ROA’s Independence

On September 15, within the framework of the “Im Hayasdan” pan-Armenian festival organized by the ROA’s Ministry of Diaspora, a vocal music concert was held at the “Komitas” Chamber Music Hall dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of ROA’s Independence.

 Government officials, guests from the Diaspora and intellectuals attended the concert.

Istanbul-Armenian singer Arthur Paghtasaryan and organist Deacon Edwin Galipyan performed pieces by celebrated composers Komitas, Aram Khachatryan, Makar Yekmalian, Allan Hovhannes, Etkar Manasi, Gevorg Armenyan, EdwardHakobyan, Ara Bartevyan, Robert Atayan.

The welcoming speech of ROA’s Acting Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan was delivered to the attendees by the Ministry’s Press Secretary Seyranuhi Geghamyan. The speech noted: “Dear friends, organizing performances by our artists from Istanbul within the framework of cultural activities realized by the ROA Ministry of Diaspora already became a nice tradition.

Constantinople always played a crucial role in the history of the Armenian nation as one of the largest centers of Armenian intellect, providing spiritual stimulus to the Armenian social and cultural life for decades.

The Armenian community of Istanbul continues to amaze us today with its cultural potential. A few days ago we had the opportunity to admire the “Ara and Shamiram” performance by the “Maral” song and dance association. Today we were moved and felt proud of our two young high-level performers.

Continue your cherished activities for the sake of the preservation, development and dissemination of Armenian culture. Let this concert, organized on the 25th Anniversary of ROA’s Independence fill you with new creative vibes.”

At the end of the concert, Seyranuhi Geghamyan delivered to singer Arthur Paghtasaryan and organist Deacon EdwinGalipyan certificates and commemorative medals asserting their participation in the “Im Hayasdan” pan-Armenian festival.

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