Hamik Alexanian: “Participating in the “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival helped Tatev Choir gain great experience”

 The Tatev Choir of Iran’s Holy Savior Church was established in 1999 under the sponsorship of then leader of the Armenian Diocese of Isfahan, the late Archbishop Koryun Papian and the religious council of New Djulfa. By establishing the choir, we had a great desire to familiarize young Iranian-Armenians with Armenian songs and music and the wealth of Armenian culture,” Hamik Alexanian, who has been the choirmaster of the choir since its establishment, said in an interview with Hayern Aysor.

 Throughout its long existence, the choir has given concerts not only in New Djulfa, but also in Tehran and Shiraz. Tatev Choir started out as a four-voice choir of male and female singers, but now it is an all-girls choir. The choir performs at masses on Sundays and participates in ceremonies before each Sunday.

As Hamik Alexanian informed, the choir’s performances of songs devoted to cities of Western Armenia at the concert dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide are among the choir’s memorable performances.

Participating in the concert dedicated to renowned musicians Nikol Galanteryan and Tatul Altunyan and releasing an album featuring the songs of Nikol Galanteryan in 2006 were also major achievements for the choir.

Hamik Alexanian also considers the choir’s participation in the “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival organized by the RA Ministry of Diaspora a major achievement and said the following in regard to that: “By participating in this festival, we all gained great experience, and for that we are thankful to the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia. We had a good impression of the festival. Before the visit to Armenia, the members of the choir were already excited. They were especailly impressed with their performances in Gyumri and Vanadzor where they received warm rounds of applause.”

 Gevorg Chichyan

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