Grand closing ceremony of Days of Choral Arts Program of the 3rd “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival was held

August 10th marked the grand closing ceremony of the Days of Choral Arts Program of the 3rd “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival organized by the RA Ministry of Diaspora and dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Armenia at Hakob Paronyan State Musical Comedy Theater. The festival is being held under the high patronage of the President of the Republic of Armenia. RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan was attending the grand closing ceremony.

The closing ceremony featured performances of Armenian folk and pop songs by Iran’s Tatev Choir (artistic director and choirmaster Hamik Alexandrian), Russia’s Shogher Choir (choirmaster Yelena Beglaryan), Estonia’s Yerazank Choir (artistic director and choirmaster Janna Shahbazyan), Egypt’s Arax Choir (artistic director and choirmaster Mihran Ghazelian), Georgia’s Aghbyur Choir (artistic director and choirmaster Ruzanna Hovhannisyan), Armenia’s Garni Vocal Quintet (artistic director Sona Nersisyan) and Tsaghkazard Vocal Ensemble (artistic director Lilit Grigoryan).

There were also performances by individual performers, including Roza Tspnetsyan from Russia, Masis Minasyan from Uzbekistan and Vladimir Aharonyan from Armenia.

In his welcoming remarks, RA Deputy Minister of Diaspora Vahagn Melikyan expressed gratitude to all the choirs and participants, especially to the directors and choirmasters carrying out the mission of preserving and disseminating Armenian songs in the Armenian Diaspora for participating in the festival dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Armenia, performing together in the Homeland and revitalizing cultural life in Armenia’s provinces. “Armenian songs have always been sung by builders, soldiers, women and children in times of joy and sadness. Even today, the melodies of Komitas and Armenian folk songs are performed and new songs are composed in Armenia and abroad, consoling and inspiring people, expressing the love and longing of Armenians and the most cherished emotions. And if Armenian songs continue to be performed by such wonderful children, this means that the Armenian people and their culture are eternal.

Thank you, dear compatriots for preserving the national identity and contributing to national preservation everywhere through Armenian music in this intricate and discrepant era of globalization. You are the ones sowing “the seeds” of the Armenian identity and spirit in young Armenians, and today we enjoyed reaping what you have sowed. During the festival, you received more energy and strength from the Homeland. I wish all implement all your plans and ideas and perform Armenian songs on more stages. This will serve as evidence of the successes and achievements of the Armenian nation and the preservation and development of Armenian culture abroad.”

The Deputy Minister also granted certificates of participation and commemorative medals to the choirmasters.

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