RA Minister of Diaspora meets with artistic directors of dance companies participating in the 2016 “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival

On July 22, ahead of the opening ceremony of the 3rd “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival, RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan had a meeting with the artistic directors and members of 42 Armenian dance companies from 12 countries around the world.

Minister Hranush Hakobyan greeted the guests and stated the following: “It is our pleasure to receive you in the Homeland. Each Armenian dance company of the Armenian Diaspora is a real haven for preservation of the Armenian identity, and we Armenians need to do everything we can to ensure the activism and growth of each dance company. The “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival provides you with the opportunity to not only present your talent and achievements in Mother Armenia, but also meet and establish friendly ties with each other. The power of our nation lies in the unity of all Armenians around the world.”

The Minister emphasized that the master classes held for the Diaspora Armenian cultural groups during the festival serve as a brilliant opportunity for them to improve their skills and gain more knowledge.

“I commend the fact that more and more Armenian communities are expressing the desire to participate in the “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival every year. This goes to show that the Ministry of Diaspora enjoys the love and trust of our compatriots. I wish you all good luck and hope you perform brilliantly,” the Minister stated.

Artistic director and dance instructor of the Armavir Armenian Dance Company of Armavir city of the Russian Federation Edgar Tokhyan, artistic director and dance instructor of Avedis Armenian Dance Company of Athens Shoushanig Semerjian, artistic director of Vachian Armenian Dance Company of Javakhk Naslet Keyan, Director of Tehran’s Zartonk Armenian Dance Company Loretta Avetisian, artistic director of Isfahan’s Kroonk Armenian Dance Company Carmen Ghevian and Director of Erebuni Armenian Dance Company Zarenoush Aghourian expressed their words of gratitude during the meeting.

The directors of the dance companies stated that they always feel the warmth of and are inspired by Minister Hranush Hakobyan, the staff of the RA Ministry of Diaspora and the Armenian audiences.

The participants of the meeting expressed certainty that the concerts that they would be giving in Yerevan, Armenia’s different provinces and Artsakh would also be held in a warm atmosphere.

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