Ani Artinian: “We need to forget about our lives in Aleppo”

Ani Artinian is from Aleppo and has been living in Armenia for about four years. Her husband is a blacksmith and has just started working. Ani has three sons, and only her second son has a job. Her elder son is looking for a job, while the youngest is studying to become a dental technician. Ani makes sweet pastry and tries to help her family in some way.

“We escaped Aleppo without taking any clothes with us and arrived in Armenia. We can only cover our daily expenses, but God help us stay healthy and strong so we can work and live,” Ani Artinian told as she briefly described the road that they had taken from Aleppo to Armenia and the current situation.

She presented her pastries at an exhibition-sale held at Ararat hall of Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan.

Artinian said she works at home and takes orders. As for delivery, either she or her son delivers the pastries, or the client comes and takes them.

“We need to forget about our lives in Aleppo. We need to live our lives in Armenia. It’s hard. I got married and had and raised my three sons in Aleppo. We left our home and store behind and came, but we are content with the fact that at least we are in our homeland. I only want us to succeed and stay here. Now Syrian-Armenians are leaving for Canada and the United States or elsewhere. I want all Syrian-Armenians to stay in Armenia. Let them do something and stay,” she stated.

Despite the war and the hardships that it has created, Ani Artinian’s relatives continue their lives in Syria. “I follow the news with sorrow every morning. We are always stressful. Some Armenians don’t want to leave their homes, while others don’t have enough money to come to Armenia and don’t know how they can earn a living here.”

The Syrian war has been going on for the past five years. Based on the information of the United Nations, there are nearly 18,000,000 people living in Syria, and 7 million have been displaced. Before the war, there were 80,000 Armenians living in Syria. During the war, most of them have left Syria and have moved to Armenia, Lebanon, Jordan and other countries. There are 17-20,000 Syrian-Armenians who are still in Syria.

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