Armenia harshly condemns consistent bombardment of Armenian-populated districts in Aleppo

Armenia harshly condemns the deliberate and consistent bombardment of Armenianpopulated districts in Aleppo, which have claimed dozens of lives only in Armenianpopulated districts, causing great material damages, Head of Armenian Mission to the OSCE, Ambassador Arman Kirakosyan announced at the meeting of OSCE Permanent Council on June 16.

As “Armenpress” was informed from the press service of MFA Armenia, he expressed concern over the recent attacks on Aleppo by the Al-Nusra Front, claiming lives of numerous civilians. The Armenian Ambassador stated that during the last years the Armenian mission has regularly raised the issue of terrosis organizations operating in Syria and Iraq, particularly, the “Islamic State”, the Al-Nusra Front and other groups linked with “Al-Qaeda”. It was stated that ethnic and religious minorities, including the Armenian community, are a primary target for those terrorist groups. Ambassador Kirakosyan stated that the mentioned terrorist organizations are a serious threat for the security of OSCE area.

The Armenian Ambassador referred to the Ministerial Declarations of the OSCE Basel and Belgrade meetings, as well as the 2170, 2178, 2199 and 2249 resolutions of the UNSC, calling on all the state to implement their commitments for struggle against terrorism assumed by the mentioned documents. Arman Kirakosyan particularly called on Turkey to stop providing its territory to terrorist groups for launching attacks against civilians of Syria.

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