Charitable trust to be created for the development of various sectors in Armenia

Member of the Armenian community of Krasnodar Artur Khachatryan has decided to create a charitable trust for the development of several sectors that are of vital importance for Armenia. The creation of the charitable trust is also aimed at uniting the young Armenians of Russia around Armenia.

Artur Khachatryan talked about the plans and the assistance being provided to Artsakh in an interview with Hayern Aysor.

“Our goal is to open a charitable trust and gear the funds towards the development of education, healthcare, agriculture, arms and other sectors in Armenia. We plan to open chapters within the Armenian communities of different cities across Russia and, why not, even have a chapter in Yerevan in the future. It is safe to say that this charitable trust will become a pan-Armenian charitable trust.

True, I came up with the idea of creating a charitable trust, but I can’t succeed alone. I have supporters who are ready to help me to make this program a success. We need to inspire all the Armenians of Russia with this idea and combine efforts to implement this major program aimed at preserving the Armenian identity. I know there will be many supporters.

My wish is to have as many young Armenians of Russia involved as possible so that they are filled with patriotism and think about the need to help Armenia.

What also served as a stimulus to create the charitable trust was also the growth of mixed marriages. We Armenians are a small nation, and we simply shouldn’t get married to foreigners. By resisting all that, we can preserve our identity in the Diaspora and our “one piece” of land in the homeland that is so important for the Armenian people. It will be hard to bring children born from mixed marriages to Armenia and introduce them to Armenian national values in the future. Parents play a major role and need to pay a lot of attention to providing their children with an Armenian upbringing.

It is necessary to motivate the youth with various programs, awaken in them the love for the Homeland because it is very hard for them to preserve their national identity and not face different obstacles in a foreign environment.

I have been an active member of the community for the past fifteen years and know very well how to unite the youth around the Homeland. It is necessary to develop new programs for the youth according to their interests so that they can become engaged in community life.

I am currently in Armenia to hold discussions on the charitable trust. I am here with great hope and am certain that everything will be fine.

I would like to collaborate with the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia because I know that preservation of the Armenian identity is one of the priority issues of the ministry, especially among the youth.

As far as Artsakh is concerned, I have never set Armenia apart from Artsakh. All the programs that we will be carrying out in Armenia will also concern Artsakh.

These days several Armenian communities of Russia are carrying out different initiatives to help Artsakh. Some are organizing fundraisers, while others are sending assistance to Artsakh, etc. A fundraiser was organized to support the families of the victims. Those families should be the priority.

It is easy to ask yourself why you should take the initiative, if nothing is going to work out. However, this stereotype was broken during the days of the war in Artsakh when all Diaspora Armenians united around Armenia and Artsakh.

I also visited Artsakh to see what kind of a situation the country was in and to make sure the assistance would be more goal-oriented. In Artstakh, I found out what kind of assistance is necessary for Artsakh and Armenian soldiers. I must say that everyone has the fighting spirit, and I especially noticed that among the youth. During my visit, I understood that we Armenians are truly a united nation.”

Gevorg Chichyan

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