That Biblical Land is very important for world peace (video)

Joining Hayern Aysors initiative, well-known Argentine political journalists Pablo Sigismondi and Mariano Saravia have congratulated the Armenian people on the liberation of Shushi and have expressed their solidarity with Artsakh in video messages.

Pablo Sigismondi: I congratulate the Armenian people on this important day, that is, the day of the liberation of Shushi. This victory made the Armenians’ dream of seeing the return of a part of the Lost Homeland finally come true. However, with Turkey’s support, Azerbaijan has once again launched aggressive attacks against Artsakh, and of course, they are condemnable.

We need to unite for recognition of the Armenian Cause and the sovereignty of Artsakh today and once and for all. We need to show the whole world the real picture and how Azerbaijan is oppressing the peaceful civilians of Artsakh.

Everyone knows how important that Biblical Land (Mount Ararat is located on that Land) is for world peace.

From the city of Cordoba, I cordially wish peace and justice for you all-soldiers, mothers of soldiers and innocent children who are being killed or wounded because of the war.

I will never forget the warmth and sincerity of the Armenians during my visits to Armenia and Artsakh in 2015. I was in Armenia to participate in the events commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by Turkey.

I would like to end by citing a well-known saying in Argentina: “We must always win by scoring a victory because justice and power are on our side and in our hearts.”

Mariano Saravia: I congratulate the Armenians on the liberation of Artsakh and want to convey my congratulatory remarks in Armenian. As I always say, I am ready to help the Armenians with anything.

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