The Diaspora Congratulates Artsakh: Nora Armani

Armenian American actress Nora Armani has sent a video congratulatory message, which is part of the initiative that Hayern Aysor has taken on the occasion of the three celebrations in May. Born in Cairo, the actress has been visiting Armenia almost every year since 1991. She directs plays, gives lectures for the youth and simply communicates with the citizens of Armenia.

Her first visit to Armenia was as a Pioneer in 1968. After a 14-year interval (1993-2007), she started visiting the Mother Homeland again starting from 2008.

“In 2011, I had the honor of being invited to Shushi and host master classes with the students of the local institute of theater. Although I stayed for only four days, I returned feeling enriched. I dream of having another opportunity to visit Shushi.

I wish peace in every corner of Artsakh and in the hearts of all Armenians during these difficult days,” Nora Armani says.

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