The call of the soul brought the France-based Armenian opera singer to Gyumri again

Born in Gyumri, France-based opera singer Adam Barro (Mourad Amirkhanian) has been listening to songs and music since childhood and pursued his singing career by taking his late mother’s advice. He remembers how his mother would ask him to sing during gatherings and would proudly tell people to listen to her son sing.

He took his mother’s “advice” and chose Adam Barro as his stage name. Her vision appeared to Adam during a concert tour in London, telling him to present himself as Adam along with Mourad.

Adam Barro received his professional education at Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory where he was a student of Marianna Harutyunyan and graduated with honors.

Settling in France in 2000, Adam had a goal to move towards the light and have the rays of that light be geared towards Armenia and the Armenian people.

After the earthquake that hit Gyumri on December 7, 1988, at the age of 13, Adam Barro lost his parents and stayed with his grandmother, Mariam.

“My connection to France wasn’t by chance. During the difficult years following the Spitak Earthquake, I left for France for two months with the support of a French national organization, after which I returned to Armenia. My trip to France eased the pain in my soul a little and made me forget about the miserable days that were in my mind,” the opera singer said with a melancholic smile in an interview with Hayern Aysor and added that only during a meeting with RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan did I find out that the Minister had directed the program to send children to France. After all that, Adam Barro understood that Hranush Hakobyan had played a huge role in shaping his destiny and in pursuing his singing career, for which he is grateful to her.


Although Adam lives in France, he still maintains his relations with Armenia, particularly Gyumri. He assures that he never misses the opportunity to visit the Homeland since the latter gives him strength and energy.

Adam is currently in Armenia to participate in the 8th “Veratsnund” (Renaissance) International Music Competition-Festival (10-30 April) for the first time. Expressing gratitude to the organizers for the invitation, Adam informed that he would perform at the grand opening and closing ceremonies and would be a member of the jury.

“Participating in the festival was the call of the soul. I wanted to sing in my hometown so much that it seems as though it was a challenge for me. I even declined several invitations to concerts since this festival is a priority for me,” Adam Barro said.

The singer expressed his solidarity with Artsakh and the Armenian mothers who lost their sons serving in the army and wished them strength and patience. He also wished the Armenian people to maintain unity and their will that helped them amaze the world.

Adam believes Armenians also need to lead ��?a literate war’ in the field of information and avoid misinformation in order to not fall into Azerbaijan’s trap.

“I would like for foreign presses to provide more coverage of this war and provide the right information so that the enemy listens and understands that Nagorno-Karabakh is not merely a territory for the Armenians, but our historic Homeland,” the opera singer said.

Adam Barro praised the unity of the Armenians of France who rose to their feet and stood united as one to defend the rights of Armenians and protested against Azerbaijan’s military aggression near the Embassy of Azerbaijan in France. Adam was also one of the protesters.

“I feel great pain when I hear news about the deaths of Armenian soldiers and civilians. Enough is enough! I really want to see the birth of as many children as possible in Armenia so that our nation grows. I wish Armenia and Artsakh peace,” Adam Barro emphasized in closing.

Gevorg Chichyan

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