“We owe it to you, boys…!”

As a result of the military actions launched on the Nagorno-Karabakh-Azerbaijan line of contact on the night of 1 April, we Armenians lost wonderful soldiers and contractual servicemen. Most of them protected and defended the border of Artsakh with their extraordinary endeavors and sacrificed their lives. Many others were wounded and became disabled, but they remained at their peak and invincible. They didn’t fall down. Instead, they became stronger, more persistent and unwavering in their decisions to take revenge.

Some of those brilliant Armenians are currently undergoing treatment at the central military hospital of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia and are dreaming of recovering and returning to the military positions as soon as possible. As I was talking to them, I understood that these youth, who are the descendants of Sasuntsi David (David of Sasun) and Hayk, aren’t a bit afraid of the perfidious enemy and that we Armenians have heroes of our days.

Mikayel Sahakyan: I am 19 years old. I was drafted on July 1, 2015 from the military commissariat of Akhuryan. I was wounded in Jabrayil (Jrakan). There had not been such a large-scale attack, but there had always been ceasefire violations. On that day, we were urgently ordered to climb to the positions. On that day, I was wounded, but I didn’t lose my consciousness. I was neither afraid nor depressed. At that moment, the only thing I was thinking about was to not let the enemy gain the positions. After recovering, I will go back. My work is incomplete.

Shant Ghazaryan: I was drafted in 2014. I was going to be demobilized in two months, but the enemy attacked, and we all resisted the Azerbaijanis. I received a fracture above my knee, but I’m not depressed. I have overcome the pain. There is another pain in my soul. I believe that we Armenians will definitely win. My friends and I have a great fighting spirit. We won’t give up.

Argishti Shakrikyan: I was going to be demobilized in two months, but the enemy attacked our positions, and I received a fracture. The enemies were older than us. I believe they were hirelings and soldiers of special detachments. At that moment, none of us was afraid. We were ready to fight until the end, but never surrender, and that’s what we did. The feeling of revenge is burning inside of me. We need to take revenge by fighting, winning and living.

Hrayr Baghdasaryan: I was drafted from the Litchk village of Martuni and was about to be demobilized in two months. I received fractures. No enemy can depress us. Victory will always be ours. On that day, I lost four of my friends at the positions. They are in my heart. After recovering, I will go and take revenge for my friends. The Azerbaijanis are cowards. They feel strong in the rear of others.

Gevorg Khudoyan: I have been serving in Jabrayil for two years. On that day, I was at the military positions. The enemy’s attack was unexpected. I and many others were wounded, and we suffered casualties. I am already recovering and am ready to fight against the enemy in case of need. We all have a great fighting spirit. Most of the boys are no longer with us. It is hard to cope with that…Nobody wil ever be forgotten.

…These new heroes between the ages of 19 and 20 amazed me with their moderateness and combat readiness. Although they had medium and high degrees of injuries, they were still smiling and persistently saying that they would return to the military units after recovering. Each of them said that victory will be ours. These boys, who have become heroes, didn’t feel like heroes, but were modest and didn’t talk about their endeavors. In response to questions, they avoided talking about their self-sacrifices.

…You fulfilled your duty to the Homeland, boys! Most of you protected and defended the sacred land of Artsakh at a young age. We owe it to you, boys…!

Karine Avagyan

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