We have a lot to learn from the boys defending the border

Friends and relatives from Armenia and abroad had gathered in front of the doors of the central military hospital of Yerevan to see the wounded soldiers undergoing treatment at the hospital. One could see the pain and sadness in their eyes. A woman was sobbing…However, it was impossible for me not to feel their pride during my conversations with them. Since I didn’t have the opportunity to talk to the wounded soldiers undergoing treatment at the hospital on that day (at the request of the wounded soldiers and their parents, and by the order of Colonel of the Medical Service of the Central Military Hospital of the RA Ministry of Defense Aram Asatryan, nobody was allowed to enter), I talked to some of the wounded soldiers’ friends and relatives.

Norayr Baghdasaryan: I have come to see my little brother, Hrayr. He was drafted on 23 June 2014 from the Litchk village of Gegharkunik Province. He was wounded in Talish on 2 April. Hrayr remembers all the details of that day. He is a machine-gunner. During the enemy’s attack, my brother fought until the end. Out of the nine soldiers, six were killed, and three stayed alive. My brother received various fractures in the arm and foot areas. He has undergone surgery and feels better now. My brother is more determined to fight and is not desperate at all. I have served in the Armenian army in Kubatlu and have never imagined that the perfidious enemy will launch military operations someday, but my brother and many of his peers managed to resist courageously, resist the enemy and defend the borders of Artsakh. Being heavily injured, Hrayr retreated 3 km by foot in that condition, throwing the grenades in his hand towards the enemy to defend himself. I am proud of my brother and all the boys. I thank all the doctors and the personnel for their great generosity and cordiality, as well as to all those who are in some way helping the soldiers and their families. An Armenian soldier is sacred because he is defending the Sacred Land, our homeland, our people, his home and his relatives.

Varsik Simonyan: My brother-in-law, Varazdat Simonyan was wounded. He had left for the border as a volunteer. He has undergone surgery and is in a stable condition. I came from Kaliningrad after hearing the painful news. All the Armenians of Kaliningrad are willing and stand united as one to help and support Artsakh.

Zhora Adamyan: I came from Shamshadin to see my son, Artur Adamyan, who is an extreme, but stable condition. He was defending the military positions in Shamshadin. He has undergone surgery and has already been transferred to a room. He is feeling good now and is waiting to fully recover and go to the positions again. Artur graduated from a school for subalterns and has never regretted it. Even now, after being wounded, he doesn’t regret anything and is rushing to recover and return to join our soldiers. He hasn’t even had time to get married. He is 36 years old. We hope he starts a family after recovering. Our Armenians aren’t brought down to their knees. They are brave and are fighting against the coward Azerbaijanis attacking others in the rear. All us Armenians need to take pride in our boys.

Vruyr Harutyunyan: I came from Etchmiadzin to see my wounded friend-in-combat. His face was injured, but he has already undergone surgery. I am a member of the Union of Volunteer Land Defenders in Etchmiadzin and take pride in the fact that I am a member of that Union. There are many detachments of the Union of Volunteer Land Defenders at the positions of Artsakh, including General Manvel Grigoryan and Mayor of Etchmiadzin Karen Grigoryan. From 1988 to 1995, I myself have participated in the first Karabakh war, leaving my seven children at home. We Armenians always need to be alert because we don’t have reliable neighbors. At this age, we have a lot to learn from the boys defending the border. I love them. We are ready to stand with them. Most of the freedom-fighters having experienced war are now in Artsakh. Freedom-fighters don’t die. They either live with glory, or die and become immortal. The spirit of volunteers is different from the spirit of a soldier. The war is not over. The Azerbaijanis have a big appetite, but we are alert and are ready to counterattack the enemy. The Azerbaijanis are not only our enemy, but the enemy of the world as well. Turks will always be the way they are.

Karine Avagyan

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