Armenian cadets to learn military dances

The cadets of the Vazgen Sargsyan Military Institute will be taking a new course entitled “Military Dance”, which is one of the four areas of activity of the “National Son and Dance Academy” Educational and Cultural Foundation established in 2015.

During this course, the cadets of the Vazgen Sargsyan Military Institute will learn nearly 15 Armenian military dances.

The “Military Dance” subject will also be included in the curricula for all educational institutions of Armenia.

“Military servicemen must know Armenian military dances in theory and practice. The dances will be taught at the Vazgen Sargsyan Military Institute for a while and later at all military units,” creator of the “National Song and Dance Academy” and director of Karin Armenian Folk Dance Ensemble Gagik Ginosyan said in an interview with Sputnik Armenia.

The goal of the “National Song and Dance Academy” Educational and Cultural Foundation is to preserve the Armenian national heritage by adapting and popularizing Armenian songs and dances. In fact, Ayb Educational Foundation is one of the founders of the Academy.

Armenian dances and military songs were what prepared our ancestors for battles, lifted their spirits and made them feel invincible.

“Experience has shown that there is a need to attack on the frontline. We need to introduce Armenian soldiers to military dances. This is a unique test for soldiers. Alongside the dances, they’ll also learn to be united as one,” Ginosyan mentioned.

The Academy will carry out its activities in four directions, including education, military dance, culture and academics. The Academy will also have recreational clubs for those who wish to join.

The cultural section implies training of teachers with skills in directing.

They need to be able to choreograph dances, establish dance ensembles, as well as record and disseminate traditional Armenian songs and dances. This is what will help others learn about Armenian arts.

The education program will include trainings for professionals, who will become masters and will teach the basics and skills of Armenian songs and dances to others.

The academic sector implies the study, compilation, adaptation and preservation of relevant materials. “All the data will be compiled, adapted and maintained on servers. We need to provide access to all this to the new generation, as well as to those who will be involved in this in the future,” Ginosyan mentioned.

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